Office – the place where all the work happens — is of great importance in any business, whether its product or service focused. The infrastructure and nature of your property contribute to the commercial image in this competitive world. 

Thus, the property becomes a crucial part of your brand. The property of the business forms the base and hence, commercial property insurance play a significant role. The Australian Taxation Office is giving a 100% deduction of tax on capital expenditure meant for income till 31st December 2020. 

If you are unsure what it is, here is a brief introduction of commercial property insurance. 

Who can benefit? 

Any organization that owns property or mortgages can benefit from this insurance. Even the people who rent others’ properties can benefit from this insurance. 

What are the benefits? 

The conventional commercial property insurances cover the damages that may happen to your infrastructure, including: 

  1. Electricity, water supply and other utilities provided to the property
  2. Structural renovations made in the building 
  3. Small and large add-ons added for utility supply in the building/ property. 
  4. The portable infrastructure that accompanies the property permanently.  

Several such aspects with a lesser or greater extent of inclusion and exclusion are covered under commercial property insurance. 

Commercial property loans cover a broad spectrum of events for insurance. Although there are several terms and conditions for availing benefits, you can easily predict the risks associated and choose the plan accordingly. Following are the common events that insurers cover: 

  1. Accidental harm 
  2. Natural disasters like earthquake, cyclone, tsunami, storm, lightning, etc. 
  3. Damage due to technical glitches like pipeline leakage or bursting of chemical tanks 
  4. Damage due to fire outburst 
  5. Damage due to falling of heavy objects on the property 

Unlike others, for commercial property insurance, the insurer follows a distinct set of methods for covering the damage. They are based on the type of assets you own and the extent along with the nature of damage. There are several forms of availing the insurance benefits, including 

  1. Payment for refurbishing the building as well as its structural aspects 
  2. Payments for replacement of asset essentials 
  3. Replacements of the stocks of the property 
  4. Cost of rebuilding the premises at a distinct location 

Generally, the insurer decides the damage recovery services according to the policy you have purchased. Moreover, other damages like those of valuable assets, are also capped. For example, some policies cover the losses of artistic works, antique pieces, etc. while some don’t. 

So, knowing the importance and criteria for property insurance is crucial. If you need a helping hand for this, 2bsure has a dedicated team of professionals to help you with this. Go to the contact section and schedule an appointment.